A little bit about TCEP

Hi There!

I’m Grayhawk, the most recent conscript to the Barking Mad Board of Directors, and the once and future Game Room Czar. I’d like to take a few minutes to give you an overview of who we are and what we’re about.

Tad & Craig’s Excellent Party (TCEP) began many moons ago when Tad & Craig lived in the same place (called the Mad House) and decided to have people over for a weekend of gaming. While the weekend was very popular and successful, they found that they had to clean bothe before and after the weekend, and this, they did not like. So they decided to start holding it in a hotel.

And here we are, 16 years later.

For years, we billed ourselves as “A Relaxicon chock full of gaming”. And that was a pretty good description – in addition to the Friday night dinners, there were other social activities – an ice cream social, Saturday night dinner, etc. Over the years, these have unfortunately fallen by the wayside, and don’t look to be picked up anytime soon.

What has persisted is the gaming. And believe me, we do a lot of it. But, I think it could best be described as “casual gaming”. And what I mean by that we game in a very relaxed atmosphere. We have a few scheduled events, sure (and more on that in a few days), but for the most part, we provide the tables and chairs, and our guests provide the games and players. Whether it’s an old favorite that you can’t get enough of, a new game you’ve picked up at Origins or GenCon, or something that you found at a yard sale, you can always find people to play. Hardcore and casual gamers alike find suitable opponents aplenty at TCEP.

We also bill ourselves as “Family Friendly”. Many of us have grown up in or around the conventions in the greater DC area, or have watched others do so. A number of our attendees have chosen to have children, and find that this becomes an excellent place to introduce their children to new games and old classics alike. We also recognize that some of our attendees mioght enjoy some gaming, but wish to relax in pursuits of a crafty nature. And for them, we have space set aside as well.

I suppose it would be a stretch to say that we have something for everybody – but we do cover quite a bit of ground.

I would remind you that our early bird special expires at the end of the month. Until July 31, Adult registration is $30, Youth (12-17) is $15, and children under 12 are free with an accompanying parent or guardian. After the 31st, the prices jump to $40 for adults and $20 for youths.

So come on out to Laurel for the best 4 days of gaming and relaxation in the DC area! We look forward to seeing you there!