Poll: Games for our younger attendees

As I’ve mentioned in years past, many of the fine folks who attend TCEP have grown up in or around the conventions in the greater DC area, or have watched others do so. A number of our attendees have chosen to have children, and find that this becomes an excellent place to introduce their children to new games and old classics alike.

We’ve had, in the past, occasional events aimed towards our younger attendees. And, as we are less than 100 days out from TCEP 17: 3 Nights in Laurel, I’d like to assess what sort of interest, if any, there would be in games for them.

So, we have this poll over in our LiveJournal community (It’s there because I ain’t bright enough to figure out how to do it on the website). Look it over. Fill it out. And I’m always looking for input from our attendees.

(And don’t forget to pre-reg! Register by July 31 2010 to save $10 off of Adult memberships and $5 off of Youth memberships!)

The poll can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/tcep/13962.html