TCEP 17 Dinner Update

Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well and staying cool!

Once again this year, we’ll be doing our usual group outings to Outback Steakhouse (for those who like their food cooked) and Asahi Japanese for those who like sushi.

Yeah, you can guess which camp I fall into. 😉

Anyway, one of the things we’ve always had problems with is getting an reasonably accurate head count in the past. What we’ve done for this year is set up an email for you to tell us which group you’d like to join!

Now, for the record, the usual plan of attack is to leave as a group from the convention around 7:45-8:00 pm on Friday night. The more accurate headcount we have before the convention starts, the better chance we have of reserving table space to accommodate everyone!

Ah, I can hear you now! What is this magical email address, you ask?

Please include the following information in the email

Which dinner attending (Meat/Sushi or Outback/Asahi)
# of people attending

Please try to get this in to us by Sept. 1st, so we can have time to get things together!

Thanks a lot, and hey, don’t forget that Pre-reg ends on Saturday! Only a few days left to register early and save $10 on adult registration ($30) and $5 on youth ($15)!

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

A few announcements about TCEP 17!

Thought everyone would like to know about a few of the items we have on the schedule for this years convention!

Classic Game tournament: To go along with our “Chess” theme, we will be hosting a tournament revolving around classic games such as chess, checkers, backgammon, reversi, mancala, dominos, and the like. I’m still finalizing the details; as soon as I have them finished, I’ll make them available at the Barking Mad Website.

Junior Roleplaying: The X-Men: People’s response to the idea of events aimed at our younger attendees was well enough received that we will be hosting a RPG session aimed at those same attendees. It will use the TSR Marvel Super Heroes (1984) rules and feature the X-Men. Our older attendees are welcome to play as well! (6 players, Saturday Afternoon)

The Gygax/Arneson Memorial Dungeon Crawl: Yes, I will again be running a classic first edition AD&D adventure on Sunday night. No, it will not be the sequel to last year’s adventure. Yes, I know which adventure I am running, and no, I’m not gonna tell you what it is. Bring your dice, bring your wits, & forget “skills” or “feats”! Once again, this is gaming at it’s finest!

Pre-Reg discount ending soon! As hard to believe as it may be, we’re only slightly more than a month and a half away from the convention! And yes, this is a reminder (delivered in the delightfully subtle Grayhawk way) that until July 31, our rates are $30 for adult memberships and $15 for youth (CHEAP!). After that date, the rates go up! Pre-reg early and often at our website!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at TCEP 17 in September!