Pick the name of TCEP 18 (2011)

So we always get down to the last page of the program book, and there’s this blank page staring at us, challenging us to name next year’s convention. Everyone throws out ideas (good, bad, ugly) and then we vote. Well, this year, we’re going to let you vote too. Look over the choices below, and then pick up to 3 names that you think best fit TCEP.

[poll id=”3″]

If none of those work for you, then feel free to login and suggest something in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Pick the name of TCEP 18 (2011)”

  1. My suggestions:

    – TCEP 18: Either start paying rent or get out of my house.
    – TCEP 18: Old enough to get drafted
    – TCEP 18: The Series Continues

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