LARP: Miskatonic Class Reunion

Miskatonic University invites you to come back to your alma mater for your 10 year reunion.  Catch up with old classmates and find out what they’ve been doing for the last ten years.  Touch base with the faculty and staff and enjoy an evening of socializing, reminiscing and a chance to show some school spirit.

“Miskatonic Class Reunion” is a 4-5 hour minigame written by Mike Young, set in a Lovecraftian world.  It has been run over 20 times since it was first written and remains an incredibly popular live action roleplaying game.

For convention members interested in playing in this live game, please fill out the following questionaire in order to let the GMs know what type of character to cast for you.  Characters which are cast early will be emailed costuming recommendations a few days before the conventions starts.

18 out of 25 slots have been claimed!  That’s awesome!

Precast characters have been mailed out.  The remaining unclaimed characters are still available. If you are interested in playing, please mail the below questionaire to me.  We’ll be heading for the convention at about noon on Friday, so any requests received after midnight Thursday will be cast at the convention.

Unclaimed characters will still be available ‘at the door’.

Time: 1pm – 6pm

The game will NOT conflict with the charity poker tournament (as I am also running that).

Once filled out, please email your questionaire as follows:
mail to: byronczimmer AT gmail DOT com
subject: TCEP Miskatonic Character Request


Thank you for signing up for Miskatonic Class Reunion. This form will assist me in casting. I will try to match your answers to the character that best fits your choice. Understand because of the limited number of characters, you may not get an exact match, but I’ll do my best.

Your Name:

Your email address:

Your phone number:

Have you played “Miskatonic Class Reunion” before?

If so, which character did you play (if you don’t remember the name, a description is sufficient)?


Character preferences

Check all that apply
(you may check more than one per category if appropriate)
(if you check the last box in a category, it means that that category is a wildcard for casting purposes)

(Supernatural Abilities)
[ ] 1. I prefer to be grounded in reality.
[ ] 2. I like being a little unusual.
[ ] 3. I enjoy being powerful in unusual ways.
[ ] 4. Any abilities (or lack of abilities) are fine.

[ ] 1. I’d like to be in as little combat as possible.
[ ] 2. I would like to be involved in some combat.
[ ] 3. I enjoy combat and want to play a good combatant.
[ ] 4. I enjoy combat and want to play a poor combatant.
[ ] 5. Any amount of combat (or lack of it) is fine.

[ ] 1. I do not want to do research
[ ] 2. I would enjoy doing some research
[ ] 3. My character should revolve around research
[ ] 4. Any amount of Research (or not) is fine.

[ ] 1. I prefer playing good, helpful characters.
[ ] 2. I prefer playing characters who have no clear alignment.
[ ] 3. I prefer playing characters who are antagonistic or “evil”
[ ] 4. I prefer characters who are only in it for themselves.
[ ] 5. Any alignment is fine.

[ ] 1. I want to play a leader.
[ ] 2. I want to play a follower.
[ ] 3. I want to forge my own path (I am a loner).
[ ] 4. Any rank is fine.

[ ] 1. I want a sane character.
[ ] 2. I want a character who starts out sane, but will likely go insane.
[ ] 3. I want an insane character.
[ ] 4. Any amount of Sanity (or lack of it) is fine.

Which category is most important to you for you to have fun? (Check only ONE)
[ ] 1. Supernatural Abilities
[ ] 2. Combat
[ ] 3. Research
[ ] 4. Alignment
[ ] 5. Leadership/Rank
[ ] 6. Sanity

Note that I cannot predict what might happen during the game, and it is impossible to give you a character that is guarenteed not be involved in combat or research.

Please write any specific requests below (they will be accomodated as best as possible):