TCEP 1: Tad and Craig's Excellent Party

In 1993, Tad and Craig held a small party at the Mad House … that lasted all of Memorial Day weekend. The party was a great success, but it was quite a mess to clean up.

In 1994, they wanted to throw another party, but didn’t want to mess up the house again. They had almost decided to give it a miss when Tad had an inspiration … have the party at a hotel instead! Tad was familiar with the Dulles Days Inn, which was inexpensive, but still had a nice pool and a hot tub … an excellent combination.

Since Disclave was usually held on Memorial Day weekend, Tad and Craig picked Labor Day weekend instead, to wrap up the summer convention season. Since all good parties need to have a theme, they decided to pick a campy movie … and after much debate, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure became Tad and Craig’s Excellent Party.

The first party was so much fun that Tad and Craig have since made it an annual event.