TCEP 7: Tad and Craig Never Say Never Again

Tad and Craig’s Excellent Party 007:
Tad and Craig Never Say Never Again

Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4, 2000
Best Western Leesburg Dulles, Leesburg, Virginia

A fun Relaxacon with loads of gaming!

Price is $35 per person until August 31, 2000 after which it jumps to $45 per person. Your membership includes an all you can eat picnic dinner on Saturday night! This convention is open to everyone! Please feel free to distribute this invitation to everyone you know including those pesky russian spies!

Don’t Forget to bring those wonderful gadgets and toys!

We have had to change our hotel!

Last week our hotel, the Days Inn, that we have been with for six years, handed us a disaster. They are building an addition onto the hotel to increase their function space. Unfortunately it failed its certificate of occupancy examination forcing the Days Inn to cancel ALL of their functions through the end of September, including ours, as they have no function space they can use.

(Yes, just like Mary and Joseph, there’s no room at the Inn for us. Unfortunately, the Days Inn doesn’t even have a stable.)

However, they did work hard and helped us get new function space and sleeping rooms. The new hotel is the Best Western Leesburg Dulles in Leesburg, VA (726 East Market Street, Leesburg VA, 20176-4401 ).

This is about 15 miles further West than we wanted to be, but it does have large enough function space for our convention. We will be posting driving directions and a map to the convention on the web site shortly and emailing them to everyone as well. It is a nice hotel and has a heated swimming pool but, alas, no hot tub.

Unfortunately this hotel charges more for its sleeping rooms than the Days Inn. Rooms will be $89 for a double double and $99 for a King. Our room block will be held only until 8/21/2000 so all rooms MUST be booked by then. Our block is under “Barking Mad Productions“; Call 703-777-9400 for Reservations. You can try to see if they will give you the AAA discount rate; stranger things have happened.

This year’s entertainment will include …

  • Games:
    Bring any game and you will find opponents wishing to play it. Additionally there will be an INWO® tournament, a Scrabble® tournament and our traditional late night poker tournament; all with prizes to be won.
  • LARPs:
    Our crack training group is putting together a set of training simulations for you to sharpen your skills:

    • a Cyberpunk® LARP: “Cyberpunk 2020”, and:
    • for the first time anywhere, Dream Pod 9 and Angel One Productions is proud to present “EVEN MONEY”, a LARP set in Dream Pod 9’s world of Heavy Gear®!
    • Kill Dr. Lucky may return.

    If you would like to volunteer to run a larp, please e-mail Tad.

  • Picnic:
    This year we will be serving a traditional picnic meal. Our declassified meal this year will be Hamburgers, Veggie Burgers, Hotdogs a Wide variety of Party Subs, Potato Salad and the like. Plenty for vegetarians and humanitarians! Plus, once again this year, Sunday we will be having an Ice Cream Social with plenty of ice cream for everyone.
  • Con/Video Suite:
    Large numbers of bread makers will be running continuously in our con suite this year. We will be churning out a loaf of fresh bread every hour during Con Suite hours. Additionally, there will be other munchies and J will be showing a variety of fun training videos as well.
  • More Function Space:
    This year we will continue to have expanded function space and it will be available for expanded hours. Once again, we will have space all night on Friday! More importantly, we will have all the function space in the hotel on Saturday and Sunday!!! More room to LARP, game, SMOG and SMOF! Plus the hotel is renovating so look forward to a new look to the hotel and possibly new convention space in the future.
  • Amenities:
    The hotel has a heated outdoor pool, an indoor Jacuzzi and a small exercise room. Additionally, each room has a coffee maker in it. The convention program book will provide you with a restaurant guide. Occasionally, T will provide backrubs to agents who have done exceptional work…

The Schedule

We aren’t much for schedules, but we do have a couple of cunning plans:

SUSHI! at Hama Sushi
Friday: 9 PM – ???
(You are responsible for your own expenses)

Pool side Picnic!
Saturday: 6 PM – 8 PM
(included in your membership!!)

Ice Cream Social!
Sunday: 3 PM – 4 PM
(Location and price TBA)

Con Suite Hours:

  • Friday: 5 PM – Midnight
  • Saturday: 9 AM – Midnight
  • Sunday: 9 AM – Midnight
  • Monday: 9 AM – Noon

Open Gaming:

  • Friday: 5 PM – 6 AM
  • Saturday: 8 AM – 6 AM
  • Sunday: 8 AM – 6 AM
  • Monday: 8 AM – 2 PM

The Annual Sushi Fest

If you’re not interested in Sushi, see Craig for the Alternate Beast Feast