TCEP XX Events

Challenge the Fez

Look for the Fez-wearing Game Room Czars!  If you Challenge the Fez and win their game, you can take a copy of the game home with you.  Challenge games will include:

  • Potion Making, Evolution, Revolution, Snake Oil,
  • Small World, Ticket to Ride: Asia, and others.

Other Games

In addition to all of the scheduled events, we have a number of dedicated gamers (both staff and attendees) who bring lots of their own games to play as well.  Some of the games that you can expect to see at TCEP include:

  • Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride, RoboRally,
  • Innovation, Eminent Domain, Agricola, Eclipse, Dominion,
  • Android: Netrunner, Battlestar Galactica, King of Tokyo,
  • Command & Conquer: Ancients, Conflict of Heroes.

If there’s a game that you would like to play, bring it — there’s probably someone at TCEP who’s played it before, or who like the chance to learn how to play.  If you’re having problems finding someone to play against, your helpful Game Room Czars can help!