TCEP XX Souvenir T-Shirt

This is the twentieth TCEP, and to celebrate we’ve created an appropriate shirt.

A Most Excellent Adventure …
TCEP 1: Tad and Craig’s Excellent Party
TCEP 2: Weekend at Craig and Tadly’s
TCEP 3: From Dusk til Dawn with Tad and Craig
TCEP 4: Craig and Tad’s Herndon Vacation
TCEP 5: Tad and Craig: Men In Black
TCEP 6: There’s Something About Craig and Tad…
TCEP 7: Tad and Craig Never Say Never Again
TCEP 8: The Adventures of Craig and Tad in the Eighth Dimension
TCEP 9: Little Con of Horrors
TCEP 10: TCEP X Machina
TCEP 11: It’s a Tad, Tad, Tad, Tad, World
TCEP 12: Things to Do in Laurel When You’re Dead
TCEP 13: The Rocky Horror Gaming Con
TCEP 14: Gamers of the Caribbean
TCEP 15: The Elder Party
TCEP 16: Craig and Tad Against the World Crime League
TCEP 17: Three Nights In Laurel
TCEP 18: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Laurel
TCEP 19: It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and We Game On
TCEP XX: The Most Interesting Con in the World

If you would like to purchase one of these fine shirts, they will cost $15 each, but you will need to order your shirt before August 18th, 2013, so that we have time to print them in time for TCEP XX.  

Once you’ve paid for your shirts, you can  select your shirt sizes.  Please use the same email address for your shirt size order as you did for PayPal.

Alas, the time for ordering shirts has passed.

You will be able to pick up your shirt at this year’s convention. If you want a shirt, but can’t make it to the convention, let us know and we’ll work something out.