TCEP 11: It's a Tad, Tad, Tad, Tad, World

Tad and Craig’s Excellent Party 11:

It’s a Tad, Tad, Tad, Tad World

  • Labor Day Weekend:
    Friday, September 3 thru
    Monday, September 6, 2004
  • $30 for 4 days if postmarked by 7/31/2004
  • $40 thereafter and at the door

Bring a new friend and get
$5 OFF BOTH membership fees!

Registration Now Available!

A family friendly, fun filled Relaxicon
chocked full of GAMING!

Things to do in Herndon at our Convention …

  • GAMES:
    Bring your favorite games and you’ll find players to play! In addition to scheduled events and tournaments we have free space for open gaming! Schedule now ONLINE!If you wish to run an event, please contact our Gaming Room Czars at
  • FOOD:
    It wouldn’t be a TCEP without it! Friday we descend upon Hama Sushi for our annual feast! (If you don’t like sushi (we still like you) there’s an alternate Meat Eater’s Feast, location to be announced.) Please note: The costs of dining events are not included in your convention membership, but we do ask that you sign up beforehand so we can give the establishments notice.

    More information about Friday Night’s destinations can now be found online! Visit the Hama Sushi Order Form if you’re planning to go, as preorders are required! Get your orders in early and avoid the last minute rush. For more information, contact!

    As always, for your snacking pleasure three bread makers will be running in the con suite to bring you hot fresh loaves regularly during con suite hours. Soft drinks, snacks and a variety of entertainments will be available while you wait for your favorite events to start.
  • LARP:
    Exciting worlds filled with action and intrigue are being crafted as we speak! Once the nature of the LARP has been determined, more information will be found on the website: For those wishing to run their own LARP at TCEP 11, please contact us at
    The hotel has a large, heated indoor pool, a jacuzzi and a fitness center. A list of local eateries will be available in the program book.



Gaming Area:
6pm – 3am
9am – 3am
9am – 3am
9am – 2pm

Con Suite:
Not Open
10am – 9pm
10am – 9pm
10am – 1pm