John "Fuzzface" McMahon

John “FuzzFace” McMahon is one of those people your mother warned you about. He has slaved… err… served on the staff of several costuming, gaming, anime, and science fiction conventions over the years. Outside of Barking Mad, he is known to frequent SCA events and Midwestern Gaming Conventions. He has six Lovebirds as pets, owns two GPS receivers, a scrolling LED message board and a cell phone he never carries. He refuses to explain the dark secret behind this terrifying combination. At different times, FuzzFace has been a game demonstrator for Atlas Games, Cheapass Games, Looney Labs and Steve Jackson Games. He is also a member of the “Army of Dorkness”, a covert power group and cult dedicated to the writing and drawings of John Kovalic.

Professionally, FuzzFace is a Computer Security Engineer. His exploits have resulted in two TV productions and one book, none of which have been seen in North America. Most people think he made the whole job thing up. They suspect he really works as a Pay Telephone Sanitizer.

FuzzFace lives somewhere near Washington-Dulles International Airport in his own little world. Besides himself and the Lovebirds, his incredibly patient wife lives there as well. His little world on the web is currently at According to New Jersey state records, he was born in 1965.

FuzzFace has known the other members of Barking Mad Productions longer than any of them wish to recall.