Richard Butler

Richard Butler (1959 – 2010)

Richard was present at the founding of Barking Mad Productions in 1989, and present at every one of the TCEP conventions.  His contributions were so widely appreciated by Barking Mad that he was asked to become a board member in 2001.  After several years of health problems, and two months of hospitalization, on December 1st, 2010, Richard’s body, but not his spirit, gave out.

He will be greatly missed.

Richard was someone whose knowledge, wit and loquaciousness was to say the very least — memorable. People who met him once, liked and asked about him for years afterwards, such was his ability to mesmerize an audience.  His love of gaming was no secret, and his immersion in the culture complete. He was a die-hard SF, TV, and movie lover with a passion for reading.

Ricard devoted much of his life to SF conventions, both Balticon and TCEP.  He graciously took on the responsibility of running TCEP at a time when the founding members could no longer be center stage.  He ran meetings, he dealt with the hotels, and he set the stage for us all to have a good time. But MOST importantly he was the KING of the Midnight Poker tournament.

Richard’s ability to tell a story was legendary, and he was known for the “Killing Joke” which almost did in Craig on one occasion.  His voice is silenced – but his memory and his stories will remain … for his friends will miss him but still laugh at his stories and catch phrases. Now he himself is a story to be remembered and retold with fondness and much humor.

Requiescat in pace, Richard.