Masks: Uberman’s Wake

Uberman’s Wake

Super Heroes have been a part of life since Uberman came to Earth in 1935. If there were any Super Heroes before Uberman, they were in hiding. Then Uberman came on the scene; fighting crime, protecting the innocent, defending Liberty and saving lives. Soon, Super Heroes were coming out of the woodworks in droves.

It all began with Uberman, shortly before the start of World War Two. His appearance was the catalyst that brought many of these strangely powered beings out of the shadows and into the public’s eye with their activities. When the Second World War began, an estimated 220 Heroes volunteered for service for the United States. Their names went into the history books: TKO, Voyeur, Gadfly, Gremlin, Uberman and the rest. They were Heroes, in every sense of the word.

But now, Uberman is dead.

Uberman has been murdered, a bullet of pure Fraudulite fired through his mighty heart. The murderer, a small-time villain named Misanthrope, is behind bars and awaiting trial. But, the World’s Greatest Hero, Uberman, is dead.

This morning, Sunday, September 2nd, 1990, Uberman was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Tonight there is a memorial service at the National Cathedral, followed by a reception, honoring the fallen hero, at the White House.

All of the members of H.E.R.O., the Super Hero organization Uberman founded, have been invited. Also in attendance at the White House will be the aspirant members of H.E.R.O., important foreign Super Heroes and any dignitary who could wrangle an invitation.

But, the whole nation is in mourning, and there is only so much room at the White House.

New York is widely recognized as the Super Hero capitol of the World. And the place to go for off-duty Heroes has always been the King’s Loft Bar & Grill, Harry Worchester, proprietor.

Harry is a Super Hero fan, and has long encouraged the Heroes to use his bar as a gathering place.

Tonight the King’s Loft is holding a wake in Uberman’s honor. Harry has let it be known that this will be no gloomy memorial. “Uberman will be remembered as he lived, and the best way to memorialize him is to rejoice in being alive. Tonight we gather to cheer each other, to raise our spirits,” said Harry, “for we must carry on for our fallen hero.”

Tonight, a number of people who, for one reason or another, do not have a place at the White House, will gather at the King’s Loft to remember their martyred friend.

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Uberman’s Wake will be held from 12pm-4pm, Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at TCEP 22, at the Washington-Dulles Hampton Inn and Suites, in Sterling, Virginia.