TCEP XX LARP (Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000)

Miskatonic University thanks you for your interest in this year’s event.  A mysterious reunion is occurring and you’ve been invited!

“Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000” is a 4-5 hour minigame written by Mike Young, set in a Lovecraftian world. It has been run multiple times since its first writing and is the dramatic finale to the previous two year’s insanely successful LARPs.

You must be registered for the convention to play.
There is no fee, though donations to help offset the costs of printing and props is always appreciated.

(24 Aug 2013) Initial Character requests have been sent out but there are still __two__ roles to be filled.

All roles are tightly integrated into the game and it plays best with a full cast.

Day: Sunday September 1, 2013
Times: noon: props distributed; 1pm: game start

Once filled out, please email your questionnaire as follows:
mail to: byronczimmer AT gmail DOT com
subject: TCEP LARP 2013

(I have a special folder set up for that subject line. Any other subject will not be considered a character request. Please cut/paste the subject line!)


With only a few roles left, the selection process is fairly simple — pick the one (or more) you’d like based on the description and find me at the Convention to tell me you want to play that role.

Your Name:

Your email address:

Your phone number:

Your Age (if under 18):

Which of the following would you like to play (check all that apply):

[ ] Female – Helpful Nurse

[ ] ??? – Mischievous Creature