Midnight Poker


Friday – 11:00 pm – …

Saturday – 11:00 pm – …

Sunday – 11:00 pm – …


Each table minimum 4, maximum 8
More tables opened as needed

Entry fee is two bucks ($2) buy in, with chips set at nickel, dime, and quarter increments.

Not your standard poker games. Family friendly, welcoming to new players and a great, low-risk way to learn the game.* The players will each become a dealer which rotates around the table. They then chose the game and set the rules for that session. The intent is to have fun and be friends at the end of the night.

*Rookies are known to have incredible luck, get good cards and win often; they have no fear and bluffing doesn’t work on them.

Basic Table Rules:
  • Dealer’s Choice. Dealer calls the game and defining rules. Players may pull their ante if they are uncomfortable with those particular rules, or take a short break without losing their seat.
  • Current dealer is in charge of their cards, they’ll deal the game, then after the session gathers all cards, shuffles and prepares the deck for a following dealer.
  • Before the deal, the card deck is cut by the player to the right or left of the dealer.
  • Base ante is a nickel chip. (Some games may require more)
  • Maximum of three raises per round.
  • Raises may not exceed a quarter, unless head-to-head (two players left).
  • No string bets. Making a bet must be in one motion; the call and raise in one total amount.
  • Buying more chips is allowed between games. During a game session, side pots will be made as needed.
  • Wild cards are allowed and very common in these games; must be declared by dealer before play.
  • Table Speaks. What the player thinks they have may not be what the hand can win. If they have a better hand than declared, the hand is valid and can beat others. Therefore it is beneficial to reveal your hand after showdown even when thinking it a loss when the cards might be better than the other hands shown.
  • A player who folds doesn’t have to show their hand.
  • No Progressive Games. Each game ends complete; no game may increase the pot for the next game.
Basic Card Rules (Dealer may adjust them for their session):
  • Aces are always high, but can be included in a “Ace-One-Two-Three-Four” card straight.
  • No Round-the-Corner Straights, i.e. “Queen-King-Ace-One-Two.”
Common games played:
  • Five Card Draw
  • Seven Card Stud (most often played with various wilds)
  • Follow the Queen
  • Texas Hold-em (no blinds, just a basic ante by all players)
  • Omaha Hold-em (ante only)
  • Baseball/Night Baseball
  • Anaconda (when players are in rare mood for risk)
  • Screw Your Neighbor (not poker, just a fun short card game)

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